NOTE: The SDK is still in tech preview. Once officially released, this changelog will also use the SDK version numbers.


v0.22.11 - Tech Preview (02/12/2019)

  • Storage policy support
  • Allow Enforce/Release of storage policy

v0.22.10 - Tech Preview (12/05/2018)

  • Additional fields to cloud-backup data structure to track group cloud backups.

v0.22.9 - Tech Preview (12/05/2018)

  • Add TaskId and ClusterId to CloudMigrate status request

v0.22.8 - Tech Preview (11/28/2018)

  • Removing unused objects created for cluster pair APIs

v0.22.7 - Tech Preview (11/27/2018)

  • (breaking change) REST API for Sdk OpenStorageAlerts has changed
  • (breaking change) OpenStorageAlerts.Enumerate is now EnumerateWithFilters

v0.22.6 - Tech Preview (11/20/2018)

  • SDK Alerts enumerate chunking bug resolution.

v0.22.5 - Tech Preview (11/20/2018)

  • Cloud migrate status and cloud backup status now report total bytes to be transferred and bytes already transferred.
  • These status blocks also report the start time of the operation so that client could calculate progress of the operation.
  • Added ETA fields to cloud backup and cloud migrate status messages

v0.22.4 - Tech Preview (11/19/2018)

  • SDK Alerts enumerate is now a server side streaming api.

v0.22.3 - Tech Preview (11/15/2018)

  • (breaking change) Restructured all SDK REST routes
  • (breaking change) Reworded OpenStorageCloudBackup.Enumerate to EnumerateWithFilters

v0.22.2 - Tech Preview (11/15/2018)

  • Added labels field to cloud backup create message

v0.22.1 - Tech Preview (11/8/2018)

  • Add new API for extracting volume capacity usage details.

v0.22.0 - Tech Preview (11/1/2018)

  • Rename the field "name" to "TaskId" in sdkCloudBackupcreate/restore/status structures.

v0.21.0 - Tech Preview (10/31/2018)

  • Addition of ClusterPairing and VolumeMigrate services

v0.20.0 - Tech Preview (11/1/2018)

  • Added ETA for cloud snap status.

v0.19.0 - Tech Preview (10/23/2018)

  • CloudBackupStatus now returns CredentialUUID used for cloud for the backup/restore op under consideration.

v0.18.0 - Tech Preview (10/23/2018)

  • Following CloudBackup APIs have been refactored to include task id rather than source volume id.
  • CloudBackupCreate now returns task id.
  • CloudBackupRestore too returns task id along with restore volume id.
  • CloudBackupStatusRequest can take task id as an optional parameter.
  • Map key for CloudBackupStatusResponse is task id rather than source volume id.
  • CloudBackupStateChange takes in taskid rather than source volume id.

v0.17.0 - Tech Preview (10/21/2018)

  • Added IoStrategy - ability to specify I/O characteristics.

v0.16.0 - Tech Preview (10/15/2018)

  • Changed value of SdkSchedulePolicyCreateRequest from SchedulePolicy to the correct name of schedule_policy. This will not impact Golang.

v0.15.0 - Tech Preview (10/10/2018)

  • Added support to set the snapshot schedule policy of a Volume

v0.14.0 - Tech Preview (10/8/2018)

  • Added support for periodic type in OpenStorageSchedulePolicy service

v0.13.0 - Tech Preview (9/27/2018)

  • Added new field to CloudBackup schedules that allows scheduled backups to be always full and never incremental.

v0.12.0 - Tech Preview (9/27/2018)

  • Moved MountAttach service REST endpoints to their own namespace
  • Added new MountAttach to SdkSErviceCapability

v0.11.0 - Tech Preview (9/25/2018)

  • New RPC in service called OpenStorageAlerts has been created and documented to allow deleting alert events.

v0.10.0 - Tech Preview (9/24/2018)

  • New service called OpenStorageAlerts has been created and documented to allow querying alert events.

v0.9.0 - Tech Preview (9/18/2018)

NOTE: This release has breaking chages for the Mount/Attach/Detach/Unmount calls

  • New service called OpenStorageMountAttach has been created and documented to hold the mount/attach/detach/unmount calls.
  • Mount/Attach/Detach/Unmount calls have been moved from the OpenStorageVolume service to the OpenStorageMountAttach service.

v0.8.0 - Tech Preview (9/11/2018)

  • SdkVolumeSnapshotEnumerateWithFilters all attributes are now optional. #609

v0.7.0 - Tech Preview (9/5/2018)

  • Add Name to StorageCluster. This name will hold the name given to the cluster by the administrator. The StorageCluster.Id will now hold a unique id for the cluster.

v0.6.0 - Tech Preview (8/30/2018)

  • Remove unsupported FS Types from supported drivers #593
  • Remove SDK Alert calls as they will be redesinged #596

v0.5.0 - Tech Preview (8/25/2018)

  • Added queue_depth to VolumeSpec and VolumeSpecUpdate
  • Remove values from VolumeSpecUpdate which cannot be updated #590

v0.4.0 - Tech Preview (8/24/2018)

  • Added bucket name and encryption key to SdkCredentialCreateRequest
  • Added the ability to disable ssl connection to SdkAwsCredentialRequest

v0.3.0 - Tech Preview (8/20/2018)

  • Added SchedulerNodeName field to StorageNode object

v0.2.0 - Tech Preview (8/16/2018)

  • Changed Credentials.Create to take name as a required parameter

Tech Preview (8/7/2018)

Tech Preview (8/3/2018)

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